Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Babycakes is Good for You..."

"...And this is why!", Erin McKenna with  

I have yet to discover the world of Gluten-Free Baking, Vegan Baking, or Sugar-Free baking.  I just returned from some afternoon gift shopping at a favorite novelty store of mine,  As I stated yesterday, cupcakes surround us and sure enough she had a bountiful selection of magnets, keychains, gift boxes and recipe books.  I couldn't help but to pick up Babycakes and quickly start thumbing through to see if there was anything I could whip up tonight.

 It is now an hour later and I've read it cover to cover and love that the author, Erin McKenna, includes ingredients for drinks such as Agave lemonade, teacakes and muffins, cookies and brownies and provided references and ingredient lists for beginners just like me.  

I will be sure to post some photos of my experience, hopefully this will broaden my ability to fill everyone's tummies with homemade goodness!

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