Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kawaii Crafts by Tia - Crochet Delicacies

As I have read and browsed hundreds of blogs I have learned how much the sweet tooth extends past oven baked goods.  Cupcakes have become a popular craze that brings the young and old together, bonding families with century old recipes and traditions.  They appear on wrapping paper and stickers, apparel and underwear, jewelry and hairclips, bedding and bathrobes.  As I logged in to Facebook today a talented friend of mine - Kimberly from Kawaii Crafts by Tia, was "baking" up a special dozen cuppies with nothing other than an imagination, a crochet needle or two and some yarn.  Not even hours later I was delighted to see her updated post and couldn't resist sharing her talent with my fellow baking bloggers.  

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