Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock A Bye Belly!

A long time friend of mine overcame some obstacles and announced a few months ago she had finally conceived. Did I mention all she wanted was to be a mommy and would be the best one at that? And, not one, but TWO babies were in there waiting for her to fly from Vancouver to Los Angeles and celebrate her baby shower with her Los Angeles family and friends. I figured what better way than to show my excitement by bringing along something sweet and here is what the result was, a Rice Krispie rocking horse that was a sure hit. The idea stemmed from the Wilton Yearbook, although they used a pan for the shape that you can find at most craft supply stores. Herick convinced me we could do it by hand and I had no choice but to trust him because time was of the essence. I wish I had taken more "good photos" with a regular camera but we started with the base first and worked our way up. Any large star tip works great for the hair, and the accompanying candies completed the look. All in all it was an inexpensive and fairly quick way to bring something homemade to the table. See the photos attached of her rocking horse, and a current photo of the Livingstons as they await the arrival of Cash and Logan. Many congratulations!

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