Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ah, Framboise!

Sooo, I was so fortunate as to have lunch with a friend yesterday and not only was my Pasta Bolognese to die for at Mi Piace, but she left me with a parting gift: A box full of fresh raspberries from her company business! I was determined not to let these go to waste! When Googling for some recipe suggestions, I came across a brilliantly written blog and decided to try things her way:

I will be back to update with some of what I learned, as my first batch was overfilled so the second time around was much neater. Being that I don't care for overly sweet cakes, these were perfectly balanced as Alauna said and tasted great this morning with coffee. Here are some photos of the process now that I graduated from documenting with my cell phone to an actual camera, lol. Enjoy!

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