Tuesday, September 8, 2009


At 32 years of age, the last thing I ever thought I'd blog about was B-A-K-I-N-G. I mean, it started when I planned my wedding three years ago (I will be married for two this November) and I joked with a friend at the Wedding Channel about the topics we could blog about. Some of these topics, well they were quite Rated R as my passions quickly became my frustrations because I wanted everything perfect from the flowers, to the food...to the CAKE! Aaaah, cake. How ironic for one who doesn't even care for sugar but as my mom always told me, the presentation is everything!

Although I liked to cook before I was married, I have taken on an entire new world of domesticated bliss and have found how many bloggers have contributed to my personal success in this. Thanks to the hours and hours of online searching, copying, pasting, and highlighting I have been able to prevent many baking disasters because I understood the accuracy needed before I set out on this journey. Having said that, reading others' mistakes and bloggers' comments saved me from a temper tantrum I could visualize like a sight out of my mind's eye, and as I proceed I figured I would start to share some successes and failures of my own.

That being said, welcome!

Loriann Serna

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